Prides Crossing Capital is a unique lending partner that combines a flexible private fund structure with professional expertise and efficient decision-making.


We manage private investment funds that provide debt capital to smaller middle market companies.  The funds are built to generate current income for our investors.  

We underwrite and hold senior and subordinated loans that range in size from $2 to $15 million.  Together with our investor group, we also have the capacity to underwrite larger loans and grow with our clients' needs.

Prides Crossing Capital's portfolio consists primarily of businesses that have recurring or highly predictable revenues, attractive gross margins and the ability to generate stable operating cash flow.

With a long-term, stable base of funding, Prides Crossing Capital is able to offer significant flexibility in structuring loans tailored to fit management's operating plan and aspirations.  In addition, because the partners are the fund's sole decision-makers, we are able to deliver what we propose with certainty and to act expeditiously in managing on-going credit relationships as events unfold over time.

Our fund structure enables us to be flexible, reliable and patient.  Our deep experience as lenders and investors enables us to add real value as a capital partner.